Our ethos at BY.E is to build a space for the public to express themselves. In our design we are cultivating brands that reciprocate the same expressive energy. When 21-year-old Elyjah built the boutique in the fall of 2018, his intention for space development was clear, this space was made to be easily adjustable. With everything moveable and/or on wheels, the possibility for artist, designer, musician, etc installation is endless. From price point to design this is a place for everyone.
Elyjah’s specific vision for education of mental health and mental health awareness is to express its importance through fabric and writing. With sponsorships of fun runs and donations to mental health organizations already set for the year through his in house brand Silent Studios, our goal is to widen that to our full store basis and give a certain percentage of sales to mental health awareness foundations around the Oklahoma City community and eventually the globe.


The Store